“Without Ukraine reference” – Thousands of soldiers and a lot of military equipment at NATO exercise Wettiner Heide — RT DE

19 May 2022 10:36 am Large-scale military exercises have been taking place in Europe since the beginning of May. Thousands of soldiers practice methods of warfare. Two maneuvers are currently underway in Germany. But the training has nothing to do with the Ukraine conflict, emphasizes NATO. Source: www.globallookpress.com © IMAGO/Droese Every year, large-scale NATO military […]

Armed forces conduct unannounced inspection exercise — RT EN

According to the Belarusian Defense Ministry, the “Belarusian Armed Forces have started an unannounced inspection of the Rapid Reaction Forces”. Above all, urgent transfers of troops are practiced. The Ministry of Defense insists that the exercise does not pose a threat to neighboring countries. The Belarusian Defense Ministry has launched an unannounced inspection exercise by […]

Poland announces major military exercise — RT EN

29 Apr 2022 11:36 am Polish armed forces announce a large-scale military exercise. Troop movements are to take place across the country, including to exercise “cross-border activities”. Russian intelligence claims that Warsaw wants to occupy western Ukraine. An extensive military exercise is scheduled to take place in Poland from Sunday, which will last until the […]

Multinational military exercise “Allied Spirit” in Hohenfels — RT DE

28 Jan 2022 10:28 am In the coming days, 6,000 soldiers will take part in the “Allied Spirit” exercise at the Hohenfels military training area in Upper Palatinate. The Bundeswehr denies a direct connection between the exercise and the currently escalating Ukraine crisis. The Bundeswehr is taking part in the large-scale “Allied Spirit” exercise with […]

“Together for Peace and Security” – Tehran, Moscow and Beijing launch joint naval exercise — RT EN

21 Jan 2022 18:08 The navies of Russia, China and Iran launched another round of their joint military exercises on Friday. Several warships from the fleets of all three countries are involved. The aim is to strengthen practical cooperation. China, Russia and Iran launched another leg of their joint naval exercises on Friday. This was […]