Gas delivery through planned EastMed pipeline expensive and uneconomical — RT DE

8 Apr 2022 21:01 A proposed pipeline to deliver natural gas from gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean is proving too expensive and uneconomical, according to the US government. Europe is currently looking for alternative ways to quickly become independent of Russian energy. The proposal that a pipeline could deliver natural gas from Eastern Mediterranean […]

Sweets are becoming more expensive and scarce — RT DE

Apr 5 2022 1:14pm According to their own statements, Germany’s confectionery manufacturers see themselves in the most difficult situation since the founding of the Federal Republic. According to a statement, energy, agricultural raw materials, packaging and transport have become much more expensive. Germany’s confectionery manufacturers are sounding the alarm. The manufacturers speak of the most […]

E-mobility will come later and more expensive — RT DE

4 Feb 2022 09:16 am According to the CEO of Mercedes-Benz, higher raw material prices could slow down the planned conversion from combustion engines to electric cars. But e-mobility cannot be stopped. The costs are also passed on to consumers. Shortages in the supply of semiconductors not only led to very long delivery times for […]