600,000 fan heaters sold – experts warn of blackouts — RT DE

Due to the unchanged energy and gas policy of the current federal government, many Germans fear a cold winter. According to industry information, more and more citizens are purchasing mobile electric direct heating devices. Associations are now warning of impending local network overloads and power failures. Economics Minister Robert Habeck assumes that the gas surcharge […]

According to experts, the Russian economy will have recovered by the end of the year — RT DE

The Western sanctions policy has failed in its aim of destabilizing the country’s economy. Despite Western sanctions and the mass exodus of Western companies from the Russian market, the budgetary situation is steadily improving. The Russian economy is expected to turn positive again by the end of the year, Maxim Oreshkin, economic adviser to Russian […]

Where is Zelensky’s “million army” deployed? Experts on Kiev’s offensive plans in southern Ukraine — RT DE

The Ukrainian side deliberately fired a missile at the humanitarian center in Kherson, but it was shot down by Russian air defense systems. This was announced by the head of the region’s civil-military administration, Vladimir Saldo, on Monday to the Rossiya 24 television channel. “One of the rockets was aimed at a humanitarian center in […]

Experts warn of dramatic oil price hikes — RT DE

Although there have already been enormous price increases as a result of the economic effects of the Ukraine conflict, the Western heads of government want to decide on further price-boosting measures against Russia. Experts have warned of a drastic global rise in oil prices, Canadian business news channel BNN Bloomberg reported. Analysts at JPMorgan Chase […]

British strengthen presence in Bosnia by sending military experts — RT EN

Last week Britain announced that it would send “military experts” to Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, without being asked beforehand. Milorad Dodik, a Serbian member of the country’s three-headed state presidency, is therefore certain that there will be “no legal way” for the British military experts to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina. by Marinko Ucur “Britain sends […]

Russian experts on the social consequences of the energy crisis in the West — RT DE

As noted by experts from the Energy Information Administration of the US Department of Energy, fuel is becoming more expensive for a number of reasons, including a drop in exports of Russian petroleum products. Russian analysts remind that the record increase in gasoline prices in the United States and many European countries is already causing […]

Experts warn of new trends in Eurasia over Ukraine crisis — RT DE

According to experts, the current geopolitical crisis between Russia and the West will inevitably affect regional processes in Eurasia. The strategies of the leading players will change, with Beijing and Moscow’s interests aligned. What the crisis in Ukraine means for Eurasia A major geopolitical crisis between Russia and the West over the Russian special operation […]