The EU has failed as a peace project — RT DE

5 mar 2022 5:14 p.m by Gert Ewen Ungar In 2012 the EU received the Nobel Peace Prize for “Six decades that contributed to the development of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”. That wasn’t quite right then, it’s completely wrong today. The accelerated integration process towards the United States of Europe […]

Failed project or sovereign country with foreign support? — RT DE

16 Feb 2022 06:15 am A political conflict over the future of the country has been smoldering in Bosnia-Herzegovina for months. The High Representative of the international community, Christian Schmidt, is not recognized by Serbian politicians. In turn, he advocates sanctions against the Serb representative. By Marinko Ucur, Banja Luka The German CSU politician Christian […]

The Economist study ranks France as a ‘failed democracy’ for the second year running — RT DE

11 Feb 2022 11:19 am The British newspaper “The Economist” notes another setback for democracy and freedom in the world, mainly due to the government measures in response to the Corona crisis. France is even classified as a “failed democracy”. According to a study by British newspaper The Economist published on February 10, less than […]