“Azov” Nazis at Mariupol Steel Plant surrender – media martyr campaign fails — RT EN

The Nazi “Azov” battalion has not yet been canonized, although the Pope has already prayed for the troops stuck in Mariupol. But with their capitulation, the media martyr campaign hoped for in the West and in Ukraine is passé, which also affects the morale of the Ukrainian army. A commentary by Andrei Rudenko “Azov” surrendered!!! […]

Springer-Blatt fails to identify Nazis in photo of Azov regiment with SS symbols — RT DE

Apr 29, 2022 6:45 am By Susan Bonath Anyone who has ever demonstrated against the Corona measures can sing a song about it: You could then find out things about yourself from a leading medium of your choice that you often didn’t suspect yourself. One is a “Corona denier” or “Schwurbler” and has made common […]

AfD parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament fails with a motion to abolish compulsory nursing vaccination — RT DE

25 Apr 2022 4:36 pm What happens next with compulsory vaccination in nursing? That was the question asked by the Saxon AfD parliamentary group in Dresden on Monday. However, a motion to abolish the controversial encroachment on physical integrity was rejected by all other parties in the Saxon state parliament. The parliamentary group of the […]

New attempt to rescue civilians fails — RT EN

Putin on the phone with Erdoğan: Suspension of the special operation is only possible if Kyiv stops fighting Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Sunday. Putin stressed Russia’s readiness for dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities. The cessation of the special operation is only possible if Kyiv ceases hostilities […]

If facility-related vaccination fails, the Bundeswehr must help — RT DE

5 Feb 2022 3:12 pm According to the health policy spokesman for the Greens, if the announced mass layoffs remain, the Bundeswehr could cover bottlenecks in care if necessary. The decision on possible layoffs should be made by the health authorities, not the employers. The decreed “facility-related vaccination requirement” for employees in the health and […]