Russia should not fear “defensive” NATO — RT EN

In Washington’s view, NATO is a purely defensive defense alliance and the increase in forces near the Russian border is a response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Moscow should not see the move as a threat. Moscow should not view additional NATO troops in Eastern Europe as a provocation, but as a legitimate response of […]

“Fear that the three will come with a peace plan” — RT DE

Ralf Fücks and his wife Marieluise Beck are considered olive-green hardcore transatlantics. With their foundation, which bears the misleading name “Center for Liberal Modernism,” they use German citizens as willing accomplices in Washington’s foreign policy interest in avoiding a quick and peaceful end to the Ukraine war. Despite the scarcity of raw materials and energy, […]

Özdemir calls for higher standards in animal husbandry – farmers fear being left behind at additional costs — RT DE

The federal government would like to campaign for more animal welfare in the production of food. However, there is still disagreement about the financing. Farmers now fear being left with the costs. The federal government would like to improve the housing conditions for animals on farms in the course of this year. However, the desired […]

Taliban fear ISIS terrorists’ and guerrilla groups’ resurgence in Afghanistan — RT EN

According to a UN report, Taliban officials in Afghanistan continue to maintain close ties with al-Qaeda, while the main military threats to the Taliban come from IS and guerrilla attacks by resistance fighters. Taliban officials in Afghanistan maintain close ties with al-Qaeda, while the main military threats to the Taliban come from the terrorist group […]

Teachers’ unions fear mask conflicts in schools — RT DE

3 Apr 2022 10:39 p.m Most corona restrictions fell in almost all federal states on Sunday. The mask requirement only applies in public transport and medical and nursing facilities. Teachers’ associations and unions fear conflicts in schools over the “voluntary” wearing of mouth and nose protection. Teachers’ associations fear conflicts in schools after masks are […]

US Senate committee reviews El Salvador’s bitcoin law – President Bukele sees fear in it — RT EN

25 mar 2022 06:30 am US senators are concerned about the use of bitcoin as a means of payment in El Salvador and are calling on several US authorities to examine possible consequences of the so-called bitcoin law passed there. President Nayib Bukele criticizes their fear of cryptocurrency as a means of payment. On March […]