Expensive interruption: Child benefit: when is a break from studying too long?

If children are studying or doing an apprenticeship, there is an entitlement to child benefit even after their 18th birthday. Important: If there is a break between two training phases, the entitlement can be waived, as the Federal Fiscal Court judges. Children of legal age can also be entitled to child benefit. Prerequisite: the child […]

Pay attention to the deadline and content: Objection to tax assessment?

If the tax assessment is incorrect, taxpayers can appeal. However, they do not have forever to do this. If you don’t keep to the deadline, you can’t change anything. If you discover errors in your tax assessment, you can do something about it. So you shouldn’t file letters from the tax office straight away, but […]

Get out of your clothes: who has to wash the work clothes?

In many industries, people wear work clothes. When it comes to the question of who has to take care of cleaning, it goes into detail. For example, it is also a question of whether clothing is mandatory. Overalls, chef’s jacket or hospital gown: Wherever work clothes are worn, the question always arises: Who looks after […]

Federal Constitutional Court asked: Part of share taxation is unconstitutional

Anyone who sells shares at a loss can only offset them to a very limited extent against profits from other share sales – and not against other capital income. As a result, taxpayers would be treated differently without justification, the Federal Fiscal Court found. The Federal Fiscal Court considers some aspect of share taxation in […]

Plans for the next legislature: Ministry announces new pension taxation

After two judgments on the taxation of pensions, the federal government gets away with a black eye. Although the judges reject the lawsuits, they expressly affirm the problem with a view to the future. Finance Minister Scholz announces corrections. However, it is completely unclear whether they will bear his signature. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz […]