Ukrainian government feels German pressure to negotiate — RT DE

Against the background of the visit by leading EU politicians, Ukraine feels under pressure to find peaceful negotiated solutions with Moscow. Alexei Arestovich, adviser to the Ukrainian president, fears “they will try to achieve a Minsk III”. Ukrainian government politicians see themselves being pressured into negotiated solutions by various countries, including Germany, and warn of […]

Britain sends arms to Kosovo as Serbia feels security threatened — RT EN

18 Apr 2022 10:12 p.m In an interview with RTV Pink, Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin described the British authorities’ delivery of arms to Kosovo as an unfriendly move towards Belgrade. He explained: “I think the UK supplying arms to the Kosovar Albanians is an unfriendly move because you cannot arm terrorists and hope for […]

Anyone who feels hit… – Channel blocked by satirist Uwe Steimle on YouTube — RT DE

27 Jan 2022 5:56 pm On Wednesday, cabaret artist Uwe Steimle announced via Twitter that his YouTube channel “Steimles Welt” is currently blocked. He had “recently become a frequent victim of people who intentionally misreported me”. The channel was back on Thursday. The astonishment was great: on Wednesday, the YouTube channel “Steimles Welt” by the […]