Breaches of international law at US Air Force base Ramstein? German authorities don’t want to know — RT DE

Command, click, death? Drones that can kill are controversial. That is why there has been speculation in Germany for some time about the role of the US air force base in Ramstein in the US drone war. Peace activists and local residents are wondering if they are being killed from Germany. So far they have […]

‘Force majeure’ – Poland refuses to accept and pay for corona vaccines — RT DE

Apr 21, 2022 1:03 PM The Polish Minister of Health Niedzielski announced that Poland currently no longer needs any corona vaccines and is therefore refusing to accept and pay for deliveries with immediate effect. Niedzielski accuses Pfizer of a “complete lack of flexibility”. On April 19, Polish Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski posted the following […]

Ukrainian air force and air defense system ‘virtually completely destroyed’ — RT DE

25 mar 2022 9:02 p.m On Friday, Russia’s defense ministry said Ukraine’s air force and air defense system had been “virtually completely destroyed.” The ministry also reported the number of dead soldiers for the first time in weeks. At a comprehensive briefing a month after the start of the war in Ukraine, the Russian Defense […]

Air Base Ramstein: US air force intelligence trained with France for emergencies

The one based at Ramstein Air Force BaseOffice of Special Investigations (OSI), the intelligence agency of the US Air Force, in January as part of a three-day “expert mission” together with the French Special agency for search, assistance, intervention and deterrence (RAID) that trains “possibly necessary” cooperation in “future real scenarios”. This is from a […]

Will hit back with full force — RT DE

14 mar 2022 06:52 am The US has threatened Moscow that NATO would retaliate with “full force” in the event of a deliberate or unintended attack on NATO territory. Earlier, Russia had attacked a Ukrainian military base near the Polish border. Jake Sullivan, US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, has warned Russia that in […]