Good news for F1 title fight: Lewis Hamilton makes too many mistakes

For the first time in a long time, Lewis Hamilton is behind the final stages of the Formula 1 season. On the one hand, because competitor Max Verstappen finally has a strong car in addition to strong performances. On the other hand, because the Mercedes Dominator shows serious weaknesses. In a race-free week like this, […]

Clear criticism of Formula 1: Vettel calls for a fight for homosexuals

Sebastian Vettel finds uniformity boring – and therefore calls on Formula 1 to stand up more for the rights of homosexual people. Even if that means canceling a lucrative race or not even planning it in the first place. Ex-world champion Sebastian Vettel wants Formula 1 to do more for the rights of homosexuals. “We […]

"Every life counts": Vettel calls for a general speed limit

Sebastian Vettel likes to drive fast professionally, as a Formula 1 driver he even has to drive as fast as possible. Outside of the race tracks, however, the four-time world champion is in favor of strict restrictions. Vettel calls for a turnaround. Climate change, sustainability, these are the terms that drive Sebastian Vettel as well. […]

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