Praise and criticism of the president: Macron: massacre of Algerians "Crimes of the Republic"

The brutal crackdown on protesting Algerians in Paris was 60 years ago – but Macron is the first French president to take part in a commemorative event. He is praised for this. But there is also criticism, for example of the behavior of a popular predecessor Macron. Emmanuel Macron was the first French President to […]

Germain fought against the Nazis: France mourns the last resistance"hero"

1038 “Compagnons de la Liberation” exist – so-called companions of liberation. They were honored in France for their services in the fight against the Germans in World War II. Now the last of them dies, Hubert Germain. He is buried in full honor. France’s last known resistance fighter against the Nazis is dead. Hubert Germain […]

Nuclear energy is the topic of the election campaign: Macron toying with mini nuclear power plants

Despite the expansion of renewable energies, France does not want to part with nuclear energy for the time being. President Macron even plans to invest in novel nuclear power plants. The technology is not yet ready for production. Nuclear power is on the rise again in France – and surprisingly it has even become an […]