Free Corona citizen test from July only possible to a limited extent — RT DE

As part of a “Corona Autumn Strategy”, Minister Karl Lauterbach wants free corona citizen tests to be significantly restricted from midsummer. Furthermore, only predefined people and groups can be tested free of charge, such as small children, pregnant women or refugees from the Ukraine. The free test offer for every citizen in Germany officially only […]

“Ukraine will win, Ukraine will be free” — RT DE

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the Ukrainian parliament via video link on Tuesday. Johnson assured Kyiv of further arms deliveries. At the same time, he praised the fight against the Russian armed forces as “Ukraine’s finest hour”. As the first Western leader since the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine spoke British […]

Satan’s full name is ‘Legion Free Russia’ – Kyiv raises new Vlasov army — RT EN

9 Apr 2022 12:09 pm By Zakhar Prilepin The Supreme Reconnaissance Command of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is therefore setting up a new battalion – the “Legion ‘Free Russia’”. It is a exhibitto show foreign journalists: look, the true and free among Russians are fighting on the side of Ukraine against the evil in […]

US gives Israel free hand over Iran — RT EN

2 Apr 2022 8:52 am The US ambassador in Tel Aviv gave the Israeli government a free hand for possible activities to supposedly protect the State of Israel from Iran, regardless of whether Washington renews the nuclear deal with Iran or not. US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides has said that a renewed nuclear deal […]

Serbian President Vučić calls his people the last ‘free tribe’ in Europe — RT EN

29 Mar 2022 1:01 p.m Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said at a campaign event that he was proud that his country was able to resist external pressure and implement its policies without international interference. In a few days there will be elections in Serbia. The Serbs are the last “free tribe” in Europe, said President […]