‘Schedule full’ – Blinken unsuccessfully requests to speak to Lavrov — RT DE

According to Washington, the United States had asked Moscow directly for a talk several times. It’s about two US citizens detained in Russia. Moscow explained that Lavrov’s schedule is currently full, but that he will respond to the request later. Russia confirmed it received a request for talks from the US on Thursday. Talks between […]

Satan’s full name is ‘Legion Free Russia’ – Kyiv raises new Vlasov army — RT EN

9 Apr 2022 12:09 pm By Zakhar Prilepin The Supreme Reconnaissance Command of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is therefore setting up a new battalion – the “Legion ‘Free Russia’”. It is a exhibitto show foreign journalists: look, the true and free among Russians are fighting on the side of Ukraine against the evil in […]

Will hit back with full force — RT DE

14 mar 2022 06:52 am The US has threatened Moscow that NATO would retaliate with “full force” in the event of a deliberate or unintended attack on NATO territory. Earlier, Russia had attacked a Ukrainian military base near the Polish border. Jake Sullivan, US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, has warned Russia that in […]

‘Declare sanctions with full force’ – Russia is increasingly isolated in world sport — RT EN

28 Feb 2022 4:17 pm The big football associations are still reluctant to throw Russia out completely. But the pressure is increasing every hour. In the World Cup playoffs, Russia no longer has an opponent. RB Leipzig are expected to advance to the next round of the European Cup without a fight against Spartak Moscow. […]