Rather a question for politicians: STIKO is the boss "no friend of compulsory vaccination"

If the Bundestag votes on a general vaccination requirement, STIKO boss Mertens has no say. He does not welcome the measure, rather he wants to convince skeptics with new vaccines. And it is precisely for this that a “hit” is developing in the USA. The head of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO), Thomas Mertens, thinks […]

Greens are rearranged: Haßelmann applies for parliamentary group chairmanship

Will the new Greens group be led by two women? After the economic expert Dröge, the parliamentary managing director Haßelmann also declares her candidacy for the dual leadership. Both could succeed Göring-Eckardt and Hofreiter. The parliamentary manager of the Greens in the Bundestag, Britta Haßelmann, applies for the parliamentary group chairmanship. The 59-year-old announced her […]

30 million additional doses: Experts: Scholz ‘vaccination goal is "difficult to implement"

Experts consider the goal of Chancellor-designate Scholz to have 30 million vaccinations by Christmas to be ambitious. There were still problems with the distribution of the vaccine: 1.5 million vaccinations would have to be administered every day, around a third of which are currently taking place. Experts consider the 30 million additional vaccinations targeted by […]

Basic judgment expected: Less vacation with short-time work?

From lockdown to lockdown: tens of thousands of employees have been and are being sent to so-called short-time work zero in the corona pandemic – work is temporarily canceled completely. But does that mean less vacation, as some employers think? North Rhine-Westphalia provides the precedent, the decision could influence the vacation planning of tens of […]

A lawyer explains the legal situation: This is how the new Infection Protection Act works

The Union accuses the traffic light parties that the countries with the new Infection Protection Act no longer have all the measures that were previously available. “On the one hand, that’s true,” says Andrea Kießling from the University of Bochum, “on the other hand, you have to say that there are additional measures”. In an […]

Unanimous vote despite criticism: Federal Council approves traffic light corona plans

The Federal Council resolves the new Corona regulations with 3G requirements at the workplace and in public transport. The federal states vote unanimously for the controversial Infection Protection Act presented by the SPD, Greens and FDP. The Federal Council has passed the new Infection Protection Act. The new regulation, which enables corona measures of national […]

Traffic light bill: A deep corona trench is revealed in the Bundestag

The Bundestag passes changes to the Infection Protection Act with a majority of the traffic light parties. The debate shows how deep the rift has become in the Corona course. There is not even a consensus on what is actually being voted on. After a partially heated debate, the Bundestag, with a majority of the […]

"Not capable of consent": Union threatens to block the Infection Protection Act

Everyone asserts their goodwill – but the amendment to the Infection Protection Act has long been a plaything of party political interests. For the Union, the thrust and individual measures go in the wrong direction or not far enough. The SPD is unimpressed. In the struggle for a new version of the Infection Protection Act, […]

More jobs than Schröder 2005: Merkel should get a lush office as former chancellor

Even after the end of her term of office as Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel has an office in the Bundestag. However, the application by the agencies necessary for this is causing irritation, and the opposition accuses Merkel of a lack of modesty and “over-equipping”. Angela Merkel is in the last days of her 16-year-long era […]