Saving taxes: Voluntary pension contributions can be worthwhile

Retirement provision can also pay off for tax purposes. Anyone who pays pension contributions voluntarily can claim the expenses. What matters. Employees are usually compulsorily insured and can therefore usually not pay any additional voluntary contributions into the pension insurance. But there are exceptions, explains the Federal Association of Income Tax Aid Associations (BVL). Employees […]

Model of Swedish pension funds: How should pension be financed in the long term?

As fewer and fewer people pay into the pension scheme, more and more retirees have to be paid a pension. In Germany, share-based old-age provision is not yet an integral part of the pension system. But a pension fund based on the Swedish model is conceivable. How will Germany finance pensions in the future? Today, […]

Increase in weekly working hours: Researchers: Germans have to work more for retirement

The traffic light coalition wants to secure the pension level, from 2022 annual increases are planned. At the same time there will be fewer employed people. The only solution, according to economists: Part-time workers in particular should work more. In view of the expected pension increase of 5.2 percent in 2022, German economists have spoken […]

Safest and most profitable investment: consumer advocates are calling for stock pensions

Because of the Corona and the climate, people tend to forget that pensions are not going well either. The subject has long been neglected – and is now falling on the feet of the new government. Because in order for the money to last in old age, a lot has to happen. For example, using […]

Fear of old-age provision: Juso boss finds share pensions tricky

The possible traffic light coalition does not want to shake the pension: same level, same entry age. In addition to premium increases, only investments in the stock market can be considered for financing. The Juso federal chairwoman Rosenthal is skeptical, however. The Juso federal chairwoman Jessica Rosenthal has criticized the discussion about a pension on […]

Voluntary submission: tax return can increase the basic pension

With the basic pension, long-term insured persons receive a surcharge on their mini-pensions. If you submit a tax return, you may be able to increase the surcharge. How does it work? The basic pension law has been in force since January 1, 2021. Pensioners who have worked for many years and earned below average are […]

"Corona failure will be made up for": Head of insurance expects pension plus

Because the amount of pensions is linked to wages, Germany’s seniors go away empty-handed during the Corona crisis. The President of the German Pension Insurance is expecting a decent increase in retirement benefits in 2022. For self-employed persons, it requires compulsory insurance. Pensioners in Germany can expect a significant increase in their retirement benefits next […]

The parties’ plans: what happens to the pension after the election?

Most people suspect that the statutory pension could run out in old age. Because the pay-as-you-go system is on shaky legs. It would be interesting to know how the parties want to bring some stability to the matter. Here is the overview. Let’s start with the good news. The parties currently represented in the Bundestag […]