“The Germans are at the end of their strength” — RT DE

Scott Ritter commented on the future of NATO and talked about economic developments in the EU and specifically in Germany. Europeans, according to Ritter, would “return to the Stone Age” at the onset of winter. Germany in particular is at an end economically. Former US Marine Intelligence officer and later UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter […]

More approval in the West, rejection in the East – How the Germans feel about the Russia sanctions — RT DE

18 Apr 2022 1:08 pm According to a survey carried out on behalf of the E.ON Foundation, East Germans are less willing than West Germans to accept rising energy costs as a result of European sanctions against Russia and to forego heating or mobility. There were also differences when asked about alternatives. Source: Gettyimages.ru © […]

Russians and Germans no longer need a visa for short trips to Vietnam — RT DE

15 mar 2022 3:58 p.m Vietnam reopens its borders to foreign tourists from 13 countries. Now citizens of several EU countries, Russia and Belarus can visit the Southeast Asian country without an entry visa. However, the visa-free stay is limited to 15 days. The Vietnamese National Tourism Administration (VNAT) announced on its website on Tuesday […]