Putin thanks Ramzan Kadyrov for great effort and courage of Chechens — RT EN

Vladimir Putin: We don’t fight with Ukrainians, but with those who used them as cannon fodder Vladimir Putin met with the mothers of soldiers participating in the special military operation. On that occasion, the President said that Donbas’ accession to Russia should have happened earlier. He explained: “We assumed at the time that it would […]

According to Schäuble, the former chancellor is not one of the “great German chancellors” — RT DE

18 Nov 2022 20:01 In an interview with the “Handelsblatt”, the former President of the Bundestag and ex-Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble lashed out at his former boss Angela Merkel and her Russia policy. In contrast to Merkel, he is “angry” at himself today. In an interview with the Handelsblatt published on Friday, the CDU member […]

US faces ‘great war’ with China — RT DE

8 Nov 2022 4:05 p.m The supreme commander of the US nuclear forces warns that the United States could be left behind militarily by China. Should this happen, according to Admiral Richard, a “great war” threatens with the Middle Kingdom. The boss of US Strategic Commands, Admiral Charles Richard, has urgently warned of a major […]

NATO exercises with nuclear fighter jets over Belgium, the North Sea and Great Britain — RT EN

17 Oct 2022 12:29 pm The NATO maneuver “Steadfast Noon” started on Monday and will last until the end of October. It includes the deployment of US B-52 bombers to Europe – the use of live weapons is not planned. The Belgian peace initiative “Coalition Against Nuclear Weapons” called on the military bloc to cancel […]

Great Depression: full steam ahead

By Elem Raznochintsky The Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium was held in Kansas City, Missouri, in August. This multi-day To meet was organized by the local branch of the US Federal Reserve, i.e. the US central bank. Distinguished guests were invited and there was a lot to discuss. Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell was also […]

West fails to understand that Russia’s nuclear arsenal is the basis of its great power status — RT EN

5 Oct 2022 10:50 p.m Is Russia’s talk of using nuclear weapons just hot air, or are Moscow’s warnings serious? And what’s next? There are three scenarios to consider here. An analysis. An analysis by Sergei Poletayev Moscow has significantly stepped up the conflict over Ukraine: first the green light was given for referendums in […]

Between jubilation and mobilization – reactions to Kiev’s ‘great victory’ at Izyum — RT DE

16 Sep 2022 06:45 am By Dagmar Henn It’s no wonder that the Western media is drunk on the story of Ukraine’s “victory,” even if a grandmother with a cane could occupy vacated positions. The FAZ, for example writes: “In the past few days, the Russian attackers had fled large parts of the Kharkiv region.” […]