Oktoberfest 2022 too daring? Minister Lauterbach warns, Green politician Dahmen warns — RT DE

The largest folk festival in the world could not take place in 2020 or 2021 due to political decisions in the corona crisis. Health Minister Lauterbach and Greens health expert Dahmen consider the planned restart in September 2022 to be too daring. The important economic factor Oktoberfest for the city of Munich, also called Wiesn, […]

Green faction wants Ukraine’s National Day to be a one-off holiday in the federal capital — RT DE

According to the Berlin parliamentary group of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, August 24 of this year should be a one-time public holiday in the federal state of Berlin as a sign of solidarity with the Ukraine. From one of the two coalition partners there were probably already corresponding first positive signals. According to media information, as […]

Germany opposes EU green label for nuclear power — RT EN

The European dispute over the promotion of nuclear energy and its classification as climate-neutral continues: Germany has again announced that it will veto the European Commission’s proposal for a resolution that would favor the construction of nuclear power plants. As announced, Germany will speak out against a sustainability label for nuclear power proposed by the […]

Lauterbach presents draft law on triage – harsh criticism from Green coalition partner — RT DE

Health Minister Lauterbach has met with sharp criticism from the Greens with his revised legislative proposal on future pandemic-related triage regulations. According to the party’s spokeswoman for disabled people, the plans are “highly controversial from a legal point of view” because they could “presumably be classified as manslaughter”. the Supreme Court demanded Last December, the […]

Green Environment Senator sent employees to Fridays for Future demos during working hours — RT EN

1 Apr 2022 3:57 p.m According to information from the NDR, the Bremen public prosecutor’s office has initiated investigations against the environment senator Maike Schäfer (Greens) for misappropriation of budget funds. The reason for this is a letter in which the politician asked state officials to take part in climate protection rallies last week. The […]

Go green! – Kyiv urges EU to harm Moscow by forgoing Russian energy — RT DE

31 mar 2022 06:45 am Doing without fossil fuels from Russia is a moral obligation, Ukrainian President Zelensky told Danish parliamentarians. Russia’s attack is another argument to accelerate the “green turn”. The sanctions against Moscow should therefore be tightened. The European Union (EU) must accelerate the transition to green energy in order to properly punish […]

Public prosecutor’s office closes investigation into Green party executive — RT DE

30 mar 2022 8:01 p.m The Berlin public prosecutor’s office has dropped the investigation into the former national executive of the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen party on initial suspicion of infidelity. The case concerned a corona bonus of 1,500 euros that the board members of the party had granted themselves in 2020. The Berlin public prosecutor’s […]