US lobby group’s ‘Kremlin researcher’ falls for Russian satirical article — RT EN

A self-proclaimed Russia expert working for a US lobby group has embarrassed herself to the bone on social media. Olga Lautman failed to recognize a Russian satirical article as such and raged on Twitter about the supposedly genuine news. A reaction from the satirical website was not long in coming. A top lobbyist for the […]

“Vulnerable groups are vulnerable again” — RT EN

by Bernhard Loyen Last week met the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV). The event was entitled: “Health policy in turbulent times – the challenges of this legislature”. The summary shows an at least irritating reality regarding the level of content of current statements by a leading minister of the federal government. The presentation of […]

Taliban fear ISIS terrorists’ and guerrilla groups’ resurgence in Afghanistan — RT EN

According to a UN report, Taliban officials in Afghanistan continue to maintain close ties with al-Qaeda, while the main military threats to the Taliban come from IS and guerrilla attacks by resistance fighters. Taliban officials in Afghanistan maintain close ties with al-Qaeda, while the main military threats to the Taliban come from the terrorist group […]

Sexual assaults by men’s groups within the Left Party? Allegations spark #MeToo debate — RT EN

19 Apr 2022 4:33 pm After allegations of sexual assault on the Hessian left became known, the scandal continued to spread. One of the perpetrators who assaulted a minor is said to be the former partner of party leader Wissler. Allegations of abuse of power and sexual violence within the Left Party unleashed a wave […]

Investigators crack down on militant neo-Nazi groups nationwide — RT DE

7 Apr 2022 06:55 am GSG9 officers and other police officers searched the homes of members of right-wing extremist groups in eleven federal states on Wednesday. It is about several criminal and terrorist organizations with 50 suspects. After years of investigation, the security authorities have struck a blow against the militant neo-Nazi scene. On Wednesday […]

Working groups in the Bundestag agree on compulsory vaccination from the age of 60 — RT DE

6 Apr 2022 7:54 am According to information from the magazine Der Spiegel, the working groups in the Bundestag have now found a compromise proposal on compulsory vaccination: This provides for compulsory vaccination from the age of 60. According to the application, there should also be an obligation to provide advice. On Thursday, the Bundestag […]

Price war between consumer goods groups — RT DE

2 Feb 2022 12:46 pm The German food retail industry is in a crisis. A power struggle for price supremacy has broken out, in which the smaller manufacturers are at a disadvantage. Reason are the increased prices for raw materials, transport and energy. The pandemic is also causing delivery problems. The Federal Minister of Economics […]