George Soros, Habeck, Baerbock! — RT DE

Aug 9, 2022 1:11 p.m by Thorsten Schulte This string puller George Soros was described in February 2019 by the daily newspaper Die WELT with the words quoted: “But Soros also has one hope: the Greens.” It is this party that is steering the German economy into catastrophe. The Green Vice Chancellor Habeck does not […]

Are we governed or are we ruined? Is Vice Chancellor Habeck, who wants to “lead the way” for the United States, lying? — RT DE

2 Aug 2022 3:28 pm The major US bank Goldman Sachs had already warned of an energy crisis in Europe in September 2021. Gas and electricity prices exploded last year, and in this already threatening situation, Vice Chancellor Habeck, Foreign Minister Baerbock and Chancellor Scholz believe they can flex their completely slack muscles. Habeck in […]

Federal Minister of Economics Habeck booed in Bayreuth — RT DE

29 July 2022 06:30 am At a citizens’ dialogue in Bayreuth, Robert Habeck tried to present the federal government’s course as having no alternative. Numerous listeners showed little enthusiasm, reacted with boos and held up posters with the word “warmonger”. Source: © Soeren Stache An appearance by Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck was […]

Economics Minister Habeck announces another energy-saving package — RT DE

Although gas is flowing from Russia again, Economics Minister Habeck is tightening up the provisions for the winter. This includes stricter regulations for the fill level of the gas storage tanks as well as regulations that unused rooms are not heated. Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) has announced another energy security package. These […]

Cold apartments, rationed electricity – Spiegel compares Habeck with Ceaușescu — RT DE

Romania’s “leader” Nicolae Ceausescu was the ultimate dictator in Eastern Europe in the 1980s. He intervened harshly even in the most personal circumstances of the citizens. Economics Minister Robert Habeck announced statutory savings measures for private households in the event of a gas shortage. The magazine “Der Spiegel” compared him to Ceauşescu. Romania’s former “leader” […]