Profit more than tenfold: Hapag-Lloyd tills are ringing properly

The Hamburg container shipping company Hapag-Lloyd is celebrating a real profit explosion in the first nine months of this year – because transport capacities are scarce, prices are exploding. Despite the positive exceptional situation, the company hopes for normalization. The Hamburg container shipping company Hapag-Lloyd increased its profit more than tenfold in the first nine […]

Handling in important ports: impatient ships cause scarce goods

Shoes, furniture, electronic devices – many consumer goods currently take forever from the factory in Asia to European stores. In some cases almost twice as long as before the Corona crisis. The problem is the shipping traffic, says an economist in the ntv podcast “Wieder was learned”. CO2, Truck driver, toy, natural gas, wind, Books, […]

Business boom with a downside: Hapag-Lloyd complains about fluctuating prices

The pandemic is giving container shipping companies massive leaps in profits. With significantly increased demand and generally scarce transport capacities, freight rates rise to unimagined heights. This is bad for business, says Hapag-Lloyd CEO Habben Jansen. He would like to see normalization. Hapag-Lloyd boss Rolf Habben Jansen hopes that business will normalize soon, despite the […]

No chips, no containers: delivery bottlenecks cost the economy billions

There are plenty of examples where there is a problem in the supply chain. Goods pile up in Asian and US ports. According to estimates by economists, the German economy will lose 25 billion euros this year as a result. Floods in this country and in China are an additional burden. In the middle of […]

Second attempt with short trips: The cruise season in Germany starts

First the cruise industry experiences a boom that has lasted for years, then comes the corona shock. Now she is trying a “restart 2.0” – falling infection numbers make it possible. It starts on the weekend of Pentecost. The offer is still quite manageable, but that should change soon. Cruise fans can pack their bags: […]