Uncertain EU prospects – certain harm from subservience — RT DE

The confederate state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is participating in anti-Russian sanctions under pressure from Brussels. This goes against the objective interests of the country, against the opinion of the three state-supporting peoples and probably also unconstitutional. An analysis by Marinko Učur (Banja Luka) Besides Serbia, is Bosnia-Herzegovina the only remaining country in the rest […]

Vaccination seems to do more harm than Omicron — RT EN

The COVID-19 vaccines are still being touted as highly effective. It is said that with the omicron variant, which has been rampant for months, they no longer protect so well against infection and transmission, regardless of the subtype – which many people should have noticed in real life. Nevertheless, they minimized the risk of severe […]

Go green! – Kyiv urges EU to harm Moscow by forgoing Russian energy — RT DE

31 mar 2022 06:45 am Doing without fossil fuels from Russia is a moral obligation, Ukrainian President Zelensky told Danish parliamentarians. Russia’s attack is another argument to accelerate the “green turn”. The sanctions against Moscow should therefore be tightened. The European Union (EU) must accelerate the transition to green energy in order to properly punish […]