Hartz IV sanctions are ineffective and counterproductive — RT DE

13 Sep 2022 1:59 p.m According to a study commissioned by the “Sanktionsfrei” association, the Hartz IV sanctions not only fail to have any effect, they also intimidate the people affected. The Paritätischer Gesamtverband demands that “sanctions be completely abolished.” Sanctions against “uncooperative Hartz IV recipients” are ineffective according to the association “Sanktionsfrei”. Instead of […]

Gas savings bonus for Hartz IV recipients — RT DE

Recipients of unemployment benefit II who voluntarily reduce their heating in the coming autumn and winter months could have their saved heating costs paid out retrospectively next year. However, those whose energy costs are covered by the job center lack “incentives to save”. For recipients of unemployment benefit II, colloquially also known as Hartz IV […]

“Unjust enrichment” – Hartz IV recipients could pay more for a 9-euro ticket – RT DE

Hartz IV recipients are threatened with a repayment obligation if children from corresponding households have previously used student tickets. The difference between the amount paid for the student card and the 9-euro ticket can be reclaimed by the office. According to the regulations for Hartz IV households with one or more children, the costs for […]

How the media and politicians react to the partial suspension of Hartz IV sanctions — RT DE

by Susan Bonath Closed companies and restaurants, bans on artists, measly short-time work benefits: the corona lockdown has taught many Germans to make ends meet with Hartz IV. More than five million people are currently dependent on it. They must behave well, otherwise the standard rate, which continues to lag behind inflation, will be cut. […]

Federal government wants to limit unconstitutional Hartz sanctions – CDU finds this lacking in solidarity – RT DE

The traffic light coalition is aiming for a relaxation of the Hartz IV sanctions, which have long been classified as unconstitutional. During the first reading in the Bundestag, it became apparent that the opposition could hardly offer more varied criticism of the change. The federal government wants to temporarily suspend the sanctions for “breaches of […]

More people dependent on Hartz IV — RT DE

Apr 29, 2022 7:12 am According to an official statement, which does not count many of those affected, more than a million people were dependent on Hartz IV at the end of last year. The number was higher than last year. In the future, Ukrainian refugees will also receive benefits from the job center. At […]