Inflation in euro zone hits record high – will the ECB raise interest rates? — RT DE

In view of the rapidly increasing currency devaluation in the euro zone, the nervousness in the European Central Bank is increasing. Central bankers have been announcing an interest rate hike for the euro area for weeks. At the same time, the economic outlook is deteriorating. In June 2022, inflation in the euro zone reached a […]

Oil alliance OPEC+ increases volumes moderately, Russian oil production remains at high level — RT DE

OPEC Plus remains true to its line and only wants to increase oil production moderately in August. Gasoline prices have recently reached record highs around the world. It went for $5 a gallon for the first time before prices fell back somewhat in recent days as fears of a recession mount. The oil alliance OPEC+ […]

Euro rescue – a fight against windmills? ECB boss expects persistently high inflation — RT DE

According to the head of the ECB, the rate of inflation in the euro area has changed permanently. The corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine are responsible for this. A return to low interest rates is unlikely. The US Federal Reserve Chairman agrees. In view of the ailing economy as a result of the […]

Inflation rises to 30-year high — RT DE

The wave of inflation has also reached Greece. According to the latest data from the State Bureau of Statistics, the country’s inflation rate hit 11.3 percent, a 30-year high. The largest increase in prices is recorded in the energy sector. Inflation in Greece rose to 11.3 percent year-on-year in May, up from 10.2 percent in […]

Protests in Poland again over high prices — RT DE

For months now, the national conservative PiS government has had one person to blame for problems such as rising inflation in Poland: Vladimir Putin. Economists and other Polish experts assess the situation in a more differentiated way. Due to historically high price increases, especially for food and petrol, there are further protests in Poland. In […]

“Billion-dollar subsidy program” for the mineral oil industry – high fuel prices despite tank discounts — RT DE

In view of the horrendous fuel prices even after the tax cut, there are increasing numbers of critical voices who consider the benefit to be a mistake. At the same time, the call for an excess profit tax, with which other countries are already collecting taxes on the high profits of the profiteers, is getting […]