Transgender beamed into history – The woke movement targets archeology — RT EN

by Ian Miles Cheong Anthropologists have the ability to extract a great deal of information from the remains of human skeletons. Even when all features that might indicate a deceased person’s sex are long gone, anthropologists, thanks to years of education and experience, can paint a relatively vivid picture of that person. One of the […]

“A new stage in world history is upon us” — RT EN

The golden billion model, in which only the population of the developed countries has an advantage, is unfair. This was announced by the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin. This principle is basically racist and will soon come to an end. A new era is approaching. The so-called “golden billion” (developed countries) have achieved their […]

8.1 billion euros from Egypt – Largest order in company history for Siemens — RT DE

30 May 2022 15:23 Egypt wants to modernize its transport system and build a network for high-speed trains. This includes a 2,000-kilometer high-speed network. Among other things, Siemens is supplying 135 trains. The order value for Siemens is 8.1 billion euros. Source: AFP © Christof Stache The industrial group Siemens has received another billion-euro order […]

New York employees make history — RT DE

Apr 5, 2022 7:18 am It is indeed a “historic victory” for Amazon employees in New York: for the first time in Amazon’s history, the employees of the US online retailer at the Staten Island site voted 2,654 to 2,131 by a majority and were thus successful in founding a union at Amazon in the […]