First trial worldwide: State torture in Syria: Life imprisonment required

Thousands of people are said to have been tortured in Syria under the authority of Anwar R. The federal prosecutor’s office is now demanding life imprisonment for him. In his plea, the chief public prosecutor emphasizes Germany’s special responsibility. In the world’s first trial of murder and torture by the Syrian state, the federal prosecutor’s […]

Law instead of a state of emergency: Poland further restricts access to the border

The state of emergency imposed by Poland on a three-kilometer-wide border strip with Belarus expired at midnight. Aid organizations and journalists will find it difficult to access the area in the future either. Parliament approved a law for further restrictions on freedom of movement and freedom of the press. Poland wants to continue to restrict […]

Kremlin wants to dissolve organization: Trial against Memorial begins in Moscow

The Russian organization Memorial campaigns for human rights and the coming to terms with communist terror. A process is now beginning at the Supreme Court in Moscow that could lead to the dissolution of the network. Criticism is therefore being voiced both in Russia and internationally. The much-criticized trial of the Russian human rights organization […]

UAE donations for relocation ?: Torture charges are pending against Interpol candidates

The police organization Interpol elects a new president. There is a candidate from the United Arab Emirates against whom torture lawsuits are running. Many countries are warning against his appointment. In addition, due to high donations, a partial move to Abu Dhabi is not ruled out. An Emirati major general reaches for one of the […]