“You can also talk about wars!” – Leo Ensel on ‘Russian invasion’ and Western hysteria — RT DE

14 Feb 2022 06:15 am In an interview with RT DE, conflict researcher Leo Ensel says what he thinks of Germany’s handling of the Minsk Agreement and talk of a “Russian invasion” and how de-escalation would be possible. According to conflict researcher Leo Ensel, Germany has sided too much and too one-sidedly with Ukraine. “You […]

Biden says Russia to attack Ukraine on February 16 – Moscow condemns hysteria — RT EN

12 Feb 2022 8:58 am The rhetoric surrounding alleged Russian aggression against Ukraine continues to escalate. US media, citing informed circles, are reporting that a military conflict could break out as early as next week. Moscow accuses Washington of hysteria. The US government continues to warn of an alleged impending Russian invasion of Ukraine. On […]

Japan stirs up hysteria over Kuril Islands row with Russia — RT EN

9 Feb 2022 2:47 pm Moscow believes Japanese politicians are spending too much time in the ongoing dispute with Russia over a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Instead, they should rather put their energy into improving relationships. Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, commented on Tokyo’s stance on the Kuril Islands, which […]