Trouble with Stellantis again: Opel threatens to relocate jobs to Morocco

Opel continues to simmer. After plans become public that Stellantis would like to separate the German works from the subsidiary’s GmbH, there is the next upset: Apparently developers are to be relocated to Africa for cost reasons. In the European car company Stellantis, the dismantling of the German subsidiary Opel is apparently continuing. According to […]

Merger plans cause unrest: Thousands are on strike at Airbus

Big strike in the aviation industry: Thousands of Airbus employees and its subsidiary Premium Aerotec lay down. The strike affects locations throughout Germany. It’s not just about higher wages. Because of the planned restructuring at Airbus Operations and Premium Aerotec, several thousand employees across Germany went on a warning strike that lasted just under a […]

E-cars drive more slowly anyway: German car manufacturers expect speed limits

VW boss Diess is not a fan of the speed limit. Electric cars would have enormous loss of range at high speed and would have to drive more slowly anyway. However, he expects a legal change after the federal election. The German auto industry is preparing for the introduction of speed limits on motorways after […]

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Competition for global market position: Obermann: Airbus threatens danger from China

Rivals Airbus and Boeing have shaped global aircraft construction for decades. In the competition for billions in orders, companies from China could soon enter the market. In the face of rapid technological advances, Airbus should not let itself be left behind, warns Obermann, Chairman of the Board. Airbus board member René Obermann warns of impending […]

Conference on protection from monopoly: German shipyards fear China’s overwhelming power

The German shipbuilding industry is fighting on two fronts: on the one hand, it is looking for ways out of the corona pandemic, on the other hand, it is trying to fight off competition from China. The National Maritime Conference hopes for impulses. In any case, Federal Minister of Economics Altmaier is sending out a […]

Anger in health care: Verdi boss accuses Spahn of inaction

The trade unions warn that the gap between rich and poor is widening as a result of the Corona crisis and are calling for rapid improvements for millions of employees – especially in systemically relevant areas. There are also losers and profiteers from the pandemic. Labor Day is again dominated by the corona pandemic – […]