Liberals love illegal migrants – just not in their own posh neighborhoods — RT DE

20 Sep 2022 06:45 am Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is relocating dozens of illegal migrants to a wealthy area where mostly Democrats live and vacation. The White House is in turmoil. By Robert Bridge Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last week officially dethroned Donald Trump as America’s reigning troll king by relocating dozens of illegal migrants […]

Tesla Supercharger charging stations are illegal in Germany — RT DE

14 Aug 2022 10:27 am Tesla’s charging stations for e-cars violate German calibration law and are therefore illegal in this country. The amount of electricity consumed is not calculated exactly due to the lack of a meter. Source: © Rolf Poss / Many operators of charging stations for e-cars disregard German calibration law, […]

Both against illegal migration and for peace — RT DE

4 Aug 2022 8:19 p.m Former US President Donald Trump received Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at his golf resort, where they discussed “many interesting topics”. Orbán described Trump as Hungary’s “important ally” and stressed that both were in favor of peace. Former US President Donald Trump received Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán this week […]

Russian film business – Numbers show illegal content in cinemas is on the rise — RT DE

The Association of Russian Cinema Owners has noted a sharp increase in screenings of unlicensed foreign films, according to specialist media. According to experts, this is due to the survival instinct of small cinemas. According to the film distributors’ Bulletin, the number of Russian cinemas showing pirated content has increased dramatically this month. Alexei Voronkov, […]

Illegal migration across Balkans ramps up – Serbian police find guns — RT EN

Illegal migration across the Balkans has been hidden from the headlines by the Ukraine conflict, but authorities in south-eastern Europe are seeing an increase in attempted illegal border crossings. According to the Serbian police, they found weapons on migrants. For days, images from the Serbian border area with Hungary have been making headlines and outrage […]

Iraq declares Kurdish Autonomous Government oil deals illegal — RT EN

In an interview, the Iraqi oil minister accused the Kurdish autonomous government in northern Iraq of having conducted illegal oil deals with foreign companies. In February, Iraq’s Supreme Court warned against oil deals with the Kurds in northern Iraq. Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail said Thursday the government would take steps to enforce a […]

Frontex boss resigns after alleged illegal deportation scandal — RT DE

29 Apr 2022 5:38 pm The head of the European border protection agency Frontex Leggeri has resigned. The reason for this are increasing reports about his organization’s alleged involvement in the illegal repatriation of migrants who wanted to enter the EU via the Aegean Sea. As the official Turkish news agency Anadolu reported, citing various […]