Inflation in euro zone hits record high – will the ECB raise interest rates? — RT DE

In view of the rapidly increasing currency devaluation in the euro zone, the nervousness in the European Central Bank is increasing. Central bankers have been announcing an interest rate hike for the euro area for weeks. At the same time, the economic outlook is deteriorating. In June 2022, inflation in the euro zone reached a […]

Euro rescue – a fight against windmills? ECB boss expects persistently high inflation — RT DE

According to the head of the ECB, the rate of inflation in the euro area has changed permanently. The corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine are responsible for this. A return to low interest rates is unlikely. The US Federal Reserve Chairman agrees. In view of the ailing economy as a result of the […]

Scholz plans tax-free one-time payment from employers to compensate for inflation — RT DE

After the 9-euro ticket, the federal government wants to allay the growing resentment about rising energy and food prices in Germany with another one-off gift from someone else’s pockets. The reactions to this vary. Sharply rising energy prices and galloping inflation: Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is planning to compensate for the possibility of a […]

Inflation hits highest level in 30 years — RT DE

Rising food prices in the Scandinavian country are fueling inflation. It has now reached 7.2 percent – a high since December 1991, when inflation was 7.8 percent. Electricity prices also contribute to inflation. Inflation in Sweden has continued to rise. In May, the inflation rate (based on the consumer price index with a fixed interest […]

Growth forecasts revised downwards – inflation continues to rise — RT DE

The fact that the year 2022 will be extraordinary is already due to the high inflation. But economic researchers still see growth, even if the outlook has been corrected downwards. However, a look at agricultural producer prices is less encouraging. Three German economic research institutes have downgraded their growth forecasts corrected. The Munich Ifo Institute […]

Inflation doubles, economic growth halves — RT DE

Germany’s central bank predicts price increases of over seven percent and significantly weaker economic growth for this year. Many industries are demanding cost equalization, such as hospitals. To Declarations the Deutsche Bundesbank on Friday, economic growth is likely to be just 1.9 percent this year. The economic recovery in Germany would thus continue, but much […]

Inflation rises to 30-year high — RT DE

The wave of inflation has also reached Greece. According to the latest data from the State Bureau of Statistics, the country’s inflation rate hit 11.3 percent, a 30-year high. The largest increase in prices is recorded in the energy sector. Inflation in Greece rose to 11.3 percent year-on-year in May, up from 10.2 percent in […]