Crime on the net: what protection does a private cyber policy offer?

Internet crime can hit anyone, and the consequences can be serious. Anyone interested in private cyber insurance should check whether the protection is not already covered by another policy. Whether shopping, learning, informing or entertaining – hardly anyone can do without the Internet these days. The online world not only offers unlimited possibilities, it also […]

An insider tip ?: Why it is difficult to start construction in winter

For a long time it was said: If you start building a house in winter, you can save. According to construction experts, this is no longer the case. However, there may be difficulties with the weather. The hibernation on the building site is largely a thing of the past. Construction companies now work all year […]

Application before the end of the year: Check upgrade for care level

In many cases, the higher handicap lump sums pay off for tax purposes. Anyone who submits the application before the turn of the year benefits retrospectively if the decision is positive. The lump sums for the disabled have been doubled this year to up to 7,400 euros. The Federal Association of Income Tax Assistance Associations […]

Premium jump from 2022: Is it worth taking out a BU insurance?

Disability insurance will soon become more expensive. Because the maximum discount rate for life insurance is falling, the premiums for new contracts will rise. Why is that? From January 1, 2022, the maximum actuarial interest rate in life insurance will drop from the current 0.9 percent to 0.25 percent. This also has consequences for the […]

High advisory skills: How good are insurance brokers?

How do I close my pension gap? What risks do I have to insure myself against? What does personal liability cover? Expert advice is required here, for example from insurance brokers. They advise competently and professionally. But the proposed solutions are not always individually suitable. As a current study by the German Institute for Service […]