NASA’s broadcast of Earth’s location could trigger ‘alien invasion’ — RT EN

19 Apr 2022 06:30 am “The truth is out there,” Fox Mulder of the X-Files series would probably reply to the warnings that Oxford University scientists are now issuing to NASA. The signal transmissions planned by the space agency into space could result in an alien invasion. Scientists at Britain’s Oxford University have warned of […]

China refuses to call Russian operation an ‘invasion’ — RT EN

24 Feb 2022 11:37 am Beijing’s comments on the Russian military operation in Ukraine have been cautious overall. However, China explicitly refuses to describe the process as an “invasion”. The People’s Republic calls on all sides to exercise restraint. Beijing is wary of calling Russia’s military operation in Ukraine an “invasion.” On Thursday, when asked […]

Fake news about alleged Russian invasion costs Ukraine up to USD 3 billion a month — RT DE

21 Feb 2022 1:39 p.m Because of publications about an alleged “invasion of Russia”, Ukraine loses up to three billion US dollars a month. This was stated by the country’s Presidential Office. Losses included lost investment. Inflation is also a problem. Unrecoverable losses to Ukraine from the spread of information about an alleged Russian invasion […]