Russian analysis of unrest in Iran — RT EN

23 Sep 2022 06:15 am Is the West trying to destabilize Iran through a controlled color revolution and to neutralize it as a geopolitical actor? Iran has become a key partner of Russia, and Russian analysts are concerned. The mass protests and unrest in Iran are now in their sixth consecutive day. There have been […]

Iran opposes escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan — RT EN

14 Sep 2022 10:03 p.m Tehran expressed its opposition to acts of war in the Caucasus. Indirectly, Iran reaffirmed Armenian sovereignty and warned Azerbaijan against jeopardizing trade routes between the two states. In a phone call on Tuesday, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan briefed Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on recent developments on the shared border […]

Israel launches diplomatic initiative to block Iran nuclear deal — RT EN

14 Sep 2022 2:51 p.m In fact, talks to resume the Iran deal sabotaged by the Trump administration have already stalled. But Israel still fears progress after the US elections in November and is therefore using various diplomatic channels. A representative of Israel’s foreign ministry has said his country is working to persuade the international […]

Iran unveils stealth ship – Top Iranian general warns of Israel’s presence in region — RT EN

9 Sep 2022 10:50 p.m Against the background of tensions between the US and Iran, Tehran has unveiled a state-of-the-art patrol ship. At the end of August, the Revolutionary Guards in the Persian Gulf seized a US drone ship and then tried to tow it to the Iranian coast. A new state-of-the-art Iranian-built patrol vessel […]

Albania cuts diplomatic ties with Iran — RT EN

8 Sep 2022 7:37 p.m For years, Albania has been considered the safe haven of an Iranian opposition movement, which has put a heavy strain on diplomatic relations between the two countries. Now the preliminary low point of the relationship seems to have been reached. Tirana cuts diplomatic relations with Iran. Albania has decided to […]

Nuclear deal is said to be off the table for the time being – IAEA also notes significant uranium enrichment in Iran — RT DE

8 Sep 2022 6:54 p.m According to a recent report by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran’s uranium reserves have been increasing recently. The country now has more than 55 kilograms of uranium with a purity of up to 60 percent. At the same time, Israeli media are reporting that the revival of the nuclear […]