China, Iran’s defense ministers blame US hegemony for rising insecurity — RT EN

28 Apr 2022 09:58 am At a meeting in the Iranian capital, Tehran, the defense ministers of both countries discussed plans to further expand their military cooperation. The armed forces of China and Iran would play an important role in curbing US indiscriminate action. The defense ministers of Iran and China have accused the United […]

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards unit to remain on US terror list — RT EN

10 Apr 2022 09:57 am In the upcoming agreement on a possible new nuclear deal, Iran is demanding that US President Biden reverse Donald Trump’s decision to classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a foreign terrorist organization in 2019. The Quds unit of the Revolutionary Guard is particularly controversial. The United States wants to continue […]

Iran’s alleged ‘disinformation campaign’ dividing Israeli society exposed — RT EN

8 Feb 2022 8:11 pm An alleged Iranian disinformation campaign is said to have operated a sophisticated network on Facebook targeting ultra-religious Jews in Israel in order to “foment” divisions in society there. The last Gaza war in May 2021 took a new turn after tensions between Jewish and Arab Israelis in Israeli cities increased. […]

US sanctions easing allows Iran’s nuclear facilities to be redesigned with Russia’s help — RT EN

8 Feb 2022 8:12 am In order to facilitate a revival of the nuclear agreement, Washington announced the first easing of sanctions on Iran. Russia and China are to convert some of Iran’s nuclear facilities for civilian activities. Israel declares that the country reserves the right to take military action. The coming weeks are considered […]