The 1 billion euro promise: intensive care nurse bonus could turn out to be disappointing

There is talk of 3000 to 5000 euros per intensive care nurse. In fact, the traffic light coalition’s corona bonus could be much lower, as a bill available to shows. The fact that the same law regulates the compulsory vaccination for carers raises further questions. While the traffic light coalition initially drove a rolling […]

Last joint BPK with Wieler: Spahn expected "sad climax at Christmas"

In what is expected to be the last joint Federal Press Conference (BPK), Health Minister Spahn and RKI boss Wieler defend the decisions of the federal and state governments. The worst is still to come, both emphasize – especially in hospitals. The vaccination campaign, however, gives hope. The acting Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn […]

Corona discussion at Lanz: "Spahn calls Scholz every day"

After the informal Prime Minister’s Conference on Tuesday afternoon on the current Corona situation, Markus Lanz also continued to turn the topic. The guests largely agree on the steps that are now required – but not on the failures of the current and future federal government. And then there is the question of who will […]

After the judgment on the emergency brake: Spahn calls traffic light to rethink

The Federal Constitutional Court confirms the legality of all corona measures of the lockdown spring. For Federal Health Minister Spahn, the ruling is a clear signal to the traffic light parties to take tougher measures again. The extensive confirmation of the Corona measures by the Federal Constitutional Court last spring is, in the opinion of […]

MPK "better yesterday than tomorrow": Spahn calls for massive contact restrictions

Health Minister Spahn warns in a talk show in view of the worsening Corona situation to hurry. A federal-state summit must be held as soon as possible. He also calls for “measures that massively reduce contacts”. He also admits his own failures. In view of the worsening infection situation in Germany, the acting Federal Health […]

Adapt to protective effect: Spahn for reduced validity of the vaccination certificate

So far, digital vaccination certificates are valid for one year. But the effect of the vaccine wears off sooner. If the acting Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has his way, the validity should therefore be shortened. And that as uniformly as possible across the EU. According to Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, the validity […]

"The trend is encouragingly increasing": Over ten percent of Germans boosted

Corona incidences in Germany are now reaching new highs. The booster vaccination is all the more important than ever. 8.6 million people in Germany have already received a refresher, tweeted Health Minister Spahn. In Germany, more than ten percent of the population have now received a booster vaccination. In absolute numbers, that’s 8.6 million people […]

Politics in the fourth wave: is the lockdown coming and if so, how many?

The federal and state governments are still reluctant, but for RKI boss Wieler it is clear: it will not work without contact restrictions. A nationwide lockdown is not possible according to the current legal situation. That leaves the way across the countries. “The number of contacts has to go down, significantly down,” said the acting […]

In Lower Saxony and Brandenburg: bottlenecks reported, vaccination appointments threaten to be canceled

The dispute over the Biontech cap is still boiling: Lower Saxony and Brandenburg declare that they did not receive as much vaccine as the federal government had promised. It is unclear whether all vaccination appointments during the week can be kept. The federal government points to eleven million booster doses for the coming week. Lower […]