Western media join forces to whitewash Ukrainian neo-Nazis — RT EN

10 Apr 2022 3:54 pm A commentary by Nebojša Malić Allegedly reporting independently, Western media followed the same narratives, often using the same wording, suggesting a concerted effort to portray the Azov forces as heroic defenders of Ukraine against the supposedly “real” fascists – the Russians. The latest wave of Azov heroization began sometime before […]

China refuses US arms sales to Taiwan, threatens to join People’s Liberation Army — RT EN

7 Apr 2022 8:17 pm China usually refrains from using rhetoric in official statements. But in the face of several announced arms deals between the US and the Taiwanese authorities, Beijing is now resorting to thinly veiled threats. China has harshly criticized the US for Washington’s approval of $95 million worth of arms sales to […]

Georgia condemns South Ossetia’s plans to join Russia – Kremlin respects ‘the people’s will’ — RT EN

31 mar 2022 6:36 p.m Georgia sees South Ossetia’s desire to join Russia as a provocation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tbilisi has declared null and void any referendum on the matter. The Kremlin, on the other hand, speaks of the will of the people, which the Russian government respects. Georgian Foreign Minister David […]

NATO, US wait for Belarus to join Russia’s special operation — RT EN

22 mar 2022 10:13 p.m CNN claims NATO and US are waiting for Belarus to soon join Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. According to the broadcaster, the Belarusian authorities are allegedly already preparing the ground to “justify” their participation. US broadcaster CNN has quoted unnamed US and NATO officials as saying the alliance understands Belarus […]