Justice Minister Buschmann is skeptical about the reintroduction of the mask requirement — RT DE

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann has criticized the reintroduction of the mask requirement. So you first have to show through an expert opinion that this is also “evidence-based and proportionate”. Doctors official Frank Ulrich Montgomery objected. Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) has expressed skepticism about reintroducing the obligation to wear masks when the incidence […]

Man plotted assassination attempt on Chief Justice Judge Brett Kavanaugh — RT DE

In the United States, a man is on trial for plotting to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh over his draft ruling on abortion rights and gun control stance. However, outside Kavanaugh’s house, he called 911 and confessed to the plan. A man was arrested in a Washington, DC suburb on Wednesday. He confessed to […]

Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Justice does not have to comment on Ramstein’s role in US drone warfare — RT DE

According to a recent ruling by the administrative court in Mainz, the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Justice does not have to comment on the information it has about the role played by the US military base in Ramstein in the worldwide use of US combat drones. The lawsuit brought by peace activist Hermann Theisen was dismissed […]

Instead of exchanging Nazi criminals, they bring them to justice — RT DE

Ukrainian Nazis should not be exchanged for Russian prisoners, according to Duma spokesman Volodin. Instead, captured criminals should be brought to justice. Yesterday some of the fighters from the Azov Steelworks surrendered. Captured Azov Nazi criminals should not be exchanged, but their fate should be decided by a court. This was announced by the speaker […]

Extraterritorial US vigilante justice in sport: doping agency threatens Russia’s Olympic staff arrest

An anti-doping law, with which the US authorities recently presumed to prosecute escorts of foreign Olympic teams outside the United States, should be applied at the Beijing 2020 Winter Olympics if the standings of the US competitors from the effects of alleged doping cases in athletes from other countries. this gave the head of the […]

Hate speech – Minister of Justice threatens Telegram with foreclosure and prosecution — RT DE

4 Feb 2022 2:06 pm Especially in the wake of the Corona crisis, Telegram is increasingly becoming a platform for “Corona deniers” and “conspiracy theorists”. According to its own statements, the government has now succeeded for the first time in contacting the top management of the messenger service. The popular messenger service Telegram is increasingly […]

Justice steps in — RT EN

2 Feb 2022 3:20 p.m Many Corona protest participants compare the state Corona measures with the crimes against the Jewish population in the Third Reich. This is expressed symbolically by wearing a “Jewish Star” with the inscription “Unvaccinated”. According to several ministries of justice, this could constitute incitement to hatred, which is why proceedings have […]