Landmark judgment from Karlsruhe on Bavarian protection of the constitution should be extended to the federal government — RT DE

In April, the Federal Constitutional Court upheld a constitutional complaint against the particularly far-reaching Bavarian law for the protection of the constitution. A new report by the scientific services of the Bundestag confirms that the recommendations – such as an end to online searches – should be transferred to the federal government. The Federal Constitutional […]

Landmark judgment from Karlsruhe puts the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution in its place — RT DE

27 Apr 2022 3:49 p.m Undercover investigators, spying on apartments, online searches: using the example of Bavaria, the Federal Constitutional Court is for the first time prescribing exactly what the Office for the Protection of the Constitution must adhere to when secretly monitoring people. That could have nationwide ramifications. On Tuesday, the Federal Constitutional Court […]

Karlsruhe dismissed numerous constitutional complaints from those affected — RT DE

21 Apr 2022 06:45 am The institution-related vaccination obligation exacerbates the nursing shortage in Germany. Tens of thousands of workers are now at risk of losing their jobs. Remedy by the Federal Constitutional Court is not in sight, despite questionable evidence: it has rejected the majority of over 200 complaints. by Susan Bonath The vaccines […]