US Department of Defense confirms support for “46 peaceful Ukrainian laboratories” — RT EN

In a Pentagon release, the US Department of Defense now announces that the US has operated 46 biolabs in Ukraine over the past 20 years, but these are solely for “peaceful efforts,” including to “improve nuclear and chemical safety” and to prepare for possible pandemics. On June 9th published The Pentagon posted a statement on […]

UN Security Council meets on Russian allegation about US-funded organic laboratories in Ukraine — RT EN

11 mar 2022 1:55 p.m Moscow claims Washington funded and supported alleged bioweapons programs in Ukraine and called for a UN Security Council meeting. It should be scheduled for this Friday. The United States dismissed the allegations as “propaganda”. Russia had called for a UN Security Council meeting to discuss alleged US-backed bioweapons programs in […]

WHO recommends Ukraine destroy dangerous pathogens in laboratories — RT EN

11 mar 2022 8:26 am To prevent a release, the WHO recommends that Ukraine destroy dangerous pathogens in the country’s biological laboratories. Russia declares that Ukraine has developed biological weapons with the help of the United States. Kyiv and Washington deny this. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that Ukraine’s authorities destroy “highly dangerous […]