Norwegian land blockade of Russian settlement on Svalbard — RT EN

An analysis by Joe Bessemer The Norwegian government has imposed a blockade against Russians living on the island of West Spitsbergen. The Spitsbergen archipelago is officially controlled by Norway, but has a special status under international law. Its territory and coastal waters are a treaty demilitarized zone. Russia has three settlements on Spitsbergen: the active […]

Ukraine may have to cede land to Russia — RT EN

U.S. President Joe Biden says Kyiv may need to cede land to Russia to end the war in Ukraine. The US President replied to a reporter’s question on Friday. However, he added: “It’s their territory. I’m not going to tell them what to do or not to do.” US President Joe Biden sees the ceding […]

signs of relaxation? Russia opens land border with Georgia — RT EN

On Tuesday, the Russian government lifted travel restrictions to Georgia. Political observers see this as a signal for further steps towards relaxation in the direction of the Georgian government, which is currently showing itself to be constructive. A decree of the Russian government has been published on the official Internet portal for legal information, according […]

BMW plant in Kaliningrad allocates land for vegetable gardens to employees — RT DE

6 May 2022 10:15 am After the start of the Ukraine war, a large car assembly plant in Kaliningrad had to shut down production. To keep its team busy, the factory provides vegetable gardens to all employees free of charge. A total area of ​​300 hectares was rented. Source: © Aleksander Rubtsov Due to […]

Another 100 hectares of land on the wish list — RT DE

The US company Tesla intends to significantly expand its 300-hectare commercial property in Grünheide (Oder-Spree district) in Brandenburg. Additional land is needed for additional storage areas and a freight yard. However, this still requires the approval of the municipality of Grünheide. The Berlin-Brandenburg public regional broadcaster rbb24 claims to have found out from official circles […]