Nothing works in Sri Lanka anymore — RT EN

According to Sri Lankan Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera, the country only has one day’s worth of fuel left. Public transport comes to a standstill amid the deepening economic crisis in the country. And there is a lack of foreign exchange to end the crisis. According to Energy Minister Kanchana Wijeseker, Sri Lanka only has one […]

Sri Lanka seizes Aeroflot plane — RT EN

The authorities in Sri Lanka have grounded and confiscated a civil aircraft belonging to the Russian airline Aeroflot. The local newspaper News First reported on Friday. The Supreme Commercial Court in Colombo has reportedly issued an order to seize a civilian aircraft belonging to Russian airline Aeroflot following a lawsuit filed by Irish company Celestial […]

Sri Lanka has run out of money for oil — RT EN

16 May 2022 20:43 There is no more oil in Sri Lanka: the country has no foreign exchange to pay for further oil imports, the new head of government explained. The supplies were only enough for one day. Sri Lanka is in the middle of the worst economic crisis in its history. Source: © […]

Hours of queues and power outages as Sri Lanka grapples with severe economic crisis — RT EN

31 mar 2022 7:06 am Power outages and bottlenecks in medicines, fuel and fertilizer: Sri Lanka lacks everything. Due to a critical foreign exchange deficit, the island state is no longer able to pay for imports. It is the worst economic crisis since 1948. Sri Lankan residents faced 10-hour power outages on Wednesday, which would […]