EU plans child abuse surveillance law – privacy advocates appalled — RT DE

Brussels wants to better combat child abuse online and has presented corresponding plans. FDP and Greens sharply criticized the draft law with regard to data protection and speak of “sniffer software”. The EU Commission has presented plans on how sexualized violence against children on the Internet should be combated in the future. As EU Home […]

Lauterbach presents draft law on triage – harsh criticism from Green coalition partner — RT DE

Health Minister Lauterbach has met with sharp criticism from the Greens with his revised legislative proposal on future pandemic-related triage regulations. According to the party’s spokeswoman for disabled people, the plans are “highly controversial from a legal point of view” because they could “presumably be classified as manslaughter”. the Supreme Court demanded Last December, the […]

Oklahoma passes ‘heartbeat’ anti-abortion law — RT EN

The US state of Oklahoma follows Texas with a law that drastically tightens abortion laws. Meanwhile, a draft Supreme Court ruling has pro-choice workers fearing a nationwide end to liberal abortion laws. Amid the heated debate over abortion rights in the United States, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has signed legislation drastically tightening his state’s regulations. […]

Libya’s rival governments meet in Egypt to discuss electoral law — RT EN

16 Apr 2022 10:16 am Representatives of Libya’s two rival leaders began talks in Egypt on Wednesday to reach an agreement on holding national elections. Delegates from the Eastern Parliament and the Tripoli-based High Council of State nominated 12 members from each chamber to take part in the talks. Representatives of rival governments in Libya […]

Bundestag votes on compulsory corona vaccination – key data of the draft law — RT DE

7 Apr 2022 9:03 am The German Bundestag votes on Thursday on the introduction of a possible vaccination requirement. The key data of the new draft law on “pandemic prevention through education, mandatory vaccination advice and immunization of the population against Sars-CoV-2” were published in advance. The one present in the world draft version documents […]

Ukrainian Orthodox Church condemns draft law banning its activities in Ukraine — RT EN

31 mar 2022 8:44 p.m The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has taken a critical stance on a draft law banning its activities in Ukraine. The legal department of the Church of Ukraine stated that it considered the draft law banning its activities in Ukraine to be unlawful. According to the legal department of the religious community, […]

US Senate committee reviews El Salvador’s bitcoin law – President Bukele sees fear in it — RT EN

25 mar 2022 06:30 am US senators are concerned about the use of bitcoin as a means of payment in El Salvador and are calling on several US authorities to examine possible consequences of the so-called bitcoin law passed there. President Nayib Bukele criticizes their fear of cryptocurrency as a means of payment. On March […]