Heated debate after the cancellation of the two-gender lecture at the HU Berlin — RT DE

After the Berlin Humboldt University canceled the lecture by the biologist Marie-Luise Vollbrecht, the defenders of freedom of opinion and research spoke out and criticized the cancellation. The cancellation of a lecture on the subject of sex and gender at the Humboldt University in Berlin (HU) has sparked a heated debate. The university has done […]

Planned lecture on “two-gender” theory leads to protest and cancellation — RT DE

The biologist Marie-Luise Vollbrecht came into the focus of so-called trans groups through a guest article in the Springer newspaper Welt on the subject “How ARD and ZDF indoctrinate our children”. A planned lecture was canceled due to “queer hostility” and the failure to ensure security through announced protests. After cancellations due to corona, the […]