Left calls for Monday demonstrations – NRW interior minister warns of new “enemies of the state” — RT DE

16 Aug 2022 06:30 am The left is calling on citizens to demonstrate in view of the gas levy that has been decided. The levy is a “blow against the East,” according to left-wing politician Sören Pellmann. North Rhine-Westphalia’s interior minister is meanwhile warning of new “enemies of the state” in the energy crisis. In […]

‘Left’ media platform indymedia shares brutal videos of Antifa raid on Thor Steinar store — RT DE

3 Aug 2022 6:42 p.m Violent videos have been circulating on the controversial “anti-fascist” website indymedia.org for several days. There, the scene celebrates the raid on Thor Steinar brand shops on April 23 in Halle and Magdeburg. At the time, a saleswoman was beaten up in Erfurt. © Screenshot/Internet/https://sendvid.com/s987bmp8 On April 23 there were simultaneous […]

UZ press festival comes to Berlin at the end of August – The Left Party refuses to use its premises — RT DE

The DKP newspaper “Unsere Zeit” organizes a major left-wing festival in Germany every two years: the UZ press festival. This time it will take place at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin. In the run-up there was trouble between the DKP and Die Linke, the latter did not allow the use of their premises by a “competing party”. […]

Too much culture? Nature lovers practice “Cancel Culture” – but left song summer takes place — RT DE

The practice of canceling rooms, performances and events that have long been promised at short notice has been spreading for years. Sometimes reasons are given, sometimes not. The cancellations often come from public authorities. Now the “nature lovers” have probably found it to their liking. The positive news first: The “Linke Liedersommer” will take place […]

Özdemir calls for higher standards in animal husbandry – farmers fear being left behind at additional costs — RT DE

The federal government would like to campaign for more animal welfare in the production of food. However, there is still disagreement about the financing. Farmers now fear being left with the costs. The federal government would like to improve the housing conditions for animals on farms in the course of this year. However, the desired […]

“Call for a Popular Left” — RT EN

In the party Die Linke, a group led by former faction leader Sahra Wagenknecht is calling for a realignment of their party. The appeal is entitled: “Call for a popular left”. The signatories to the appeal are, among others, the co-leader of the parliamentary group Mohamed Ali, Sevim Dağdelen and Andrej Hunko. About 80 members […]