"Tech Neck": Stiff necks from computers and cell phones?

In the office, the neck quickly becomes a problem area, we are talking about the so-called “tech neck”. With the right posture, ergonomic desk setup and some movement, you can prevent a stiff neck. Entire workforces are working at home because of Corona. But Germans also spend an average of more than ten hours a […]

Correctly measured: When it comes to apartment size, every square meter counts

According to estimates, the square meters specified in the rental agreement are incorrect for two thirds of all apartments. It can be worthwhile to measure. However, sometimes even reviewers disagree. The monthly rent and utilities depends largely on the size of the apartment. It gets annoying when tenants pay for 100 square meters, for example, […]

Action against wave of increases: Chaos in the energy market – what you should do

The energy supply with gas and electricity costs German households dearly. And should be even more expensive these days. What many utilities also let their customers know about price increases. In view of this wave of increases, however, the overview is sometimes lost. That’s what consumers should do. The current developments on the gas market […]