UK lifts fracking ban — RT DE

22 Sep 2022 9:10 p.m The USA has been extracting enormous amounts of gas from fracking for years. However, the method is controversial. The UK suspended the trial in 2019 due to environmental concerns. But now London wants to lift the fracking ban because of the energy crisis. Britain on Thursday lifted a moratorium on […]

US lifts arms embargo on Cyprus – Turkey warns of arms race on the island — RT DE

19 Sep 2022 5:44 p.m The US has lifted its arms embargo on Cyprus. While Nicosia and Athens hailed the statement from Washington, DC, Turkey and the pro-Turkish government in Northern Cyprus strongly condemned the US move. Source: © Paweł Radomski of Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades welcomed the US announcement that it would lift […]

France lifts all corona measures — RT EN

More and more countries in Europe are ending their corona measures: France is abolishing all measures and in Austria the obligation to isolate is no longer applicable. In Germany, on the other hand, the end of the quarantine obligation is still being discussed. In France, the parliament on Tuesday passed a law that provides for […]

Russia lifts corona-related restrictions on air travel with 52 countries — RT DE

Apr 5, 2022 6:15 am Russia will lift pandemic-related restrictions on air travel with 52 countries starting next Saturday, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced on Monday. The reason for this is a decline in the number of corona cases. Source: Sputnik © Maxim Blinow Regular international air traffic in Russia is scheduled to resume on […]

Court lifts Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov’s suspended sentence — RT EN

29 Mar 2022 07:09 am In Moscow, a court lifted director Kirill Serebrennikov’s suspended sentence. His criminal record was also erased. The defense’s motion to have the suspended sentence lifted before the end of the suspended sentence was thus granted. Moscow’s Khamovnichesky court has reversed the decision to impose a suspended sentence on filmmaker Kirill […]

Brazil lifts Telegram ban — RT DE

21 mar 2022 7:48 am Brazil has lifted the ban on messaging service Telegram after it complied with demands from the Brazilian Supreme Court. The app is very popular in the country, even Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro uses it. On Friday, Brazil’s Supreme Court blocked the messenger app Telegram after the provider ignored orders to […]