Traffic light coalition and Union agree on outlines for massive rearmament plan — RT DE

After weeks of tough negotiations, the federal government and the opposition parties CDU/CSU are settling their differences over the 100 billion special fund for the Bundeswehr. Deeds are to follow before the summer break – including the procurement of weapons. After the Union and the coalition have agreed on the main features of the planned […]

“Works at the speed of light ” – “Zadira” and other Russian laser weapons — RT EN

by Alexei Zakvasin and Maxim Lobanov As announced by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Borissov, the new type of laser system “Zadira” was used in the course of the special operations of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. A drone was successfully destroyed. This was reported by the deputy prime minister during an appearance […]

Phone records shed light on what happened near Kyiv — RT DE

Apr 8 2022 3:48pm Looking for evidence of alleged atrocities committed by Russian soldiers near Kyiv, Ukrainian security officials and Western journalists have found something entirely different. According to overheard phone calls, the trail leads to Ukrainian militias. Ukrainian security officials and Western journalists searching northwest of Bucha in the Kyiv region for evidence of […]

“There’s no such thing as no-fly zone light” — RT DE

18 mar 2022 6:10 p.m In his speech to the US Congress, the Ukrainian President emphatically called for the establishment of a no-fly zone. The US again refused. Instead, Washington announced further arms deliveries and military aid. The Pentagon boss justifies the decision. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke on a visit to Slovakia […]

“There is no provision for opening everything” – traffic light coalition with compromise on corona measures — RT DE

9 Mar 2022 3:50 p.m According to the will of the federal and state governments, the vast majority of corona restrictions are to be lifted by March 20th. However, drastic everyday restrictions can continue to be imposed regionally or at state level. An overview of the traffic light coalition concept. In order to prevent a […]