Habeck announces “huge price increases” – lights go out in Augsburg — RT DE

Normally, an economics minister should strive to increase the supply and prosperity of his citizens – Robert Habeck does the opposite: he prepares citizens and municipalities to make sacrifices and even higher prices. This is already catching. The voters are allowed to bear the brunt of the government’s self-inflicted misery. by Kaspar Sachsen Robert Habeck […]

NRW election winner CDU squints at black-green – SPD still hopes for traffic lights – RT DE

The most important election of the year, the vote in North Rhine-Westphalia, has two winners: Prime Minister Wüst’s CDU is asserting itself as the strongest force, and the Greens are gaining ground. The evening of the election was very sobering for the SPD and FDP. What consequences will there be in Berlin? After Prime Minister […]

Do the lights go out then? Economy Ministry warns against boycott of Russian hard coal — RT DE

5 Apr 2022 10:07 p.m In addition to the currently discussed embargo on Russian natural gas and oil, Robert Habeck’s (Greens) Ministry of Economic Affairs is warning against a rapid phase-out of Russian hard coal. Industry and power supply in particular would have massive problems within a very short time. Russian hard coal is an […]