Diplomacy scolding for Lithuania: China draws conclusions in the Taiwan dispute

The opening of a Taiwan diplomatic mission in Lithuania is an affront for Beijing to its “one-China policy”. After threats, China is now serious and downgrading diplomatic relations with Lithuania. The EU country reaffirms its position despite sanctions. China is downgrading diplomatic relations with EU country Lithuania over a dispute over Taiwan. Relations would be […]

Taiwan office opened in Lithuania: China is raging because of "extremely egregious act"

It’s actually only a small act – but with huge symbolism: A representative of Taiwan opens in Lithuania and China reacts angrily. The Foreign Ministry railed that the “wrong decision” should be corrected immediately. The background is China’s territorial interests. The Chinese government has sharply criticized the opening of a representative office for Taiwan under […]

reaction to "hybrid attack": EU tightens sanctions against Belarus

The government of the Belarusian ruler Lukashenko is smuggling thousands of migrants to the external border of the European Union. Now the EU is reacting and expanding punitive measures against those around the president. Further sanctions could follow. In the refugee dispute with Belarus, the European Union is tightening the sanctions: the member states decided […]

Highs in infections: severe corona wave has the Baltic region under control

In Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, the number of corona infections is skyrocketing – despite stricter protective measures. While the clinics are reaching their limits in many places, the governments are under criticism. The main reason for the misery is likely to be too low vaccination rates. The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the Baltic states: […]

Against smugglers from Belarus: Twelve states want EU money for border fences

Since Belarus illegally smuggled migrants into the EU, pressure on Brussels has increased. Twelve member states are demanding to be able to finance their border installations with community money. The signatories are also calling for the Schengen Borders Code to be adapted. Germany is not one of them. The unwanted migration via Belarus into the […]

New high on the weekend: More migrants come to Germany via Poland

251 people illegally crossed the German-Polish border last weekend. A new high according to the federal police. The route led from Belarus via Lithuania and Poland. According to the Federal Police, 251 unauthorized border crossings were found at the German-Polish border in Brandenburg last weekend. That is a new high for weekends, said the federal […]

Remote-controlled censorship function ?: Lithuania warns of Chinese 5G cell phones

Can Xiaomi smartphones technically block terms like “Free Tibet”? According to a study by the Lithuanian government, there are said to be significant security flaws in Chinese 5G phones. The relationship between the two countries has been tense for a long time. Lithuania’s government has warned of security vulnerabilities and built-in censorship features in Chinese […]

England misses victory: Italy cannot be slowed down in World Cup qualifiers

European football champions Italy have been undefeated in 37 games: In qualifying for the World Cup, the Squadra Azzurra almost effortlessly achieved a runaway victory against Lithuania. European Championship finalist England is having a much harder time against Poland. European soccer champions Italy are back on track for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After […]