Long live the Ural Republic – Russia to be dismembered along the lines of the USSR — RT EN

The West has long wanted to treat many parts of Russia as it treated Ukraine. But not only Russia could be “decolonized” in this way. Similar divisions would be possible in many western countries. by Igor Karaulov Lech Wałęsa, the first president of post-socialist Poland, has called for the dismemberment of Russia. In his opinion, […]

Long queues for Schengen visas — RT DE

In mid-July, Russia lifted all corona restrictions that had hampered the flow of tourists to and from Russia for more than two years. Nevertheless, many travelers who want to go to the EU have to wait for weeks and months. On July 15, Russia completely lifted the corona restrictions that have been in place since […]

Romania calls for increased NATO contingent in country ‘in the long run’ — RT EN

Romanian foreign minister has said NATO should increase its contingent in the country and extend its stay. This will help confirm “the strategic importance” of the Black Sea region. The NATO bloc already has 5,000 soldiers in the country. Romania would like to increase the number of NATO troops on its territory and extend their […]

“Rained money on fools for too long” — RT DE

The SpaceX boss and richest man in the world, Elon Musk, made a new statement: In a tweet, the 50-year-old said that the recession was actually “a good thing” and that some companies had no right to exist. Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, tweeted that he praised the recession in the US […]

Ukraine has long gone without inspecting potentially weapons-grade nuclear material — RT EN

Many tons of enriched uranium and plutonium are stored in the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, said the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Ukraine has refused an inspection by the agency for an alarmingly long time. The inspector therefore fears that potentially weapons-grade nuclear material could disappear from the storage facility. The United Nations […]

Putin prepares for a long war — RT EN

Washington believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for a long conflict in Ukraine. A Russian victory in Donbass may not end the war, according to a senior US intelligence official. Russian President Vladimir Putin will not end the war in Ukraine with the Donbass campaign and is determined to set up a land […]

“Will not buy your fossil fuels as long as the war continues” — RT DE

At a special meeting today, the European Union ministers responsible for energy are discussing, among other things, a possible oil embargo against Russia. According to Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck, Germany is prepared for this. But is that really true? The EU Commission is apparently preparing another package of sanctions against Russia, which should […]

Evaluation of the corona measures by politicians is a long time coming – citizens are faster — RT DE

30 Apr 2022 07:40 am Germany is discussing why the official bodies simply do not want to be able to communicate the benefits of the corona policy of the federal government and the federal states. A council of experts appointed in March 2021 is making no progress. In return, citizens have taken up the topic […]

Russophobia didn’t start with Ukraine. She’s been brewing in the West for a long time… — RT DE

26 mar 2022 7:02 p.m …and only reached the current level of hysteria when Moscow launched its offensive against Kyiv. A deep-seated racism towards the Russian people is revealed – cultivated by Hollywood and numerous Western institutions. by Robert Bridge Moscow’s actions in Ukraine have revealed a deep-seated, latent racism towards the Russian people that […]